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Fr Ferruccio Romanin sjI am the fifth of nine children, born to Giuseppe Romanin and Cesira Vendrame.  Six were born in Friuli, Italy and three later in Australia.

Celso is number eight. Before coming to Australia I attended primary school in the local village, where I also had made my first communion and had been confirmed.

On arrival, the parish school at Carlton accepted me into grade one with the Sisters of Charity for six months and then came the Christian Brothers for grade four.

After that it was the turn of the Salesian Fathers in Rupertswood, followed by the Jesuits at St Patrick's, East Melbourne, and lastly Xavier College.  So the influence of a variety of people made up my mentors before entering the Order in February 1948.  There were five of us from Xavier entering together of whom Fr Paul Coleman is the only one remaining.

Within the Order I spent seven years at Watsonia, before going to Sydney for some teaching and furthering my studies in Theology. My final year of formation was spent in Florence, where my appreciation of Art deepened.  All the while, whether in the school or studying or administering, my yearning for direct pastoral work increased. Eventually I was appointed to the parish life, first in Hawthorn and then Richmond and lastly in Rome.  All in all, my vision of the human became very ample for which I thank all sorts of people as a marvelous reflection of our Common Father.

Ferruccio Romanin sj