Richmond Hill Senior Citizens Club Print

The Richmond Hill Senior Citizens Club meets every Monday from 12:00pm - 5:00pm throughout the year. This wonderful club is overseen by two Richmond locals - John and Carmela. There is a strong Italian presence in the club, however it is open to all local Richmond senior citizens and nationality is irrelevant.

The Richmond Hill Senior Citizens Club keeps itself very busy! They organise four excursions a year, in conjunction with BBQs and lunch outings for everyone, especially during the Easter and Christmas period.  They also organise a rosary during May and October each year.

The Club is largely funded by the club members, who are asked to pay ten dollars each. However this is not mandatory and you are still warmly invited to join the Club regardless of payment or not.

The Club also generously contributes to the Richmond Catholic Parish with donations throughout the year.

You are warmly encouraged to contact the Parish Office for further details on becoming involved with the Club.