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Garden beds at St Ignatius' ChurchHave you ever noticed the gardens that surround our beautiful St Ignatius' Church and presbytery on Richmond Hill? They are all maintained by a dedicated band of volunteers.

A number of years ago a plea went out from a Parish Priest for help in looking after the gardens around the church. A number of parishioners responded and most of these are still part of the Gardening Group to this day.  This faithful band have been around since the beginning of the group. Others have joined them from time to time along with some of the Jesuit priests.


Roses bloom at St Ignatius' Church

Whilst the group has achieved pleasing results, its members usually find despite their toil there is still further work to be done. In other words, we need more pairs of hands to maintain an acceptable standard. With so many weddings scheduled at St Ignatius' Church, bridal parties and guests usually take photographs after the ceremony so we endeavour to keep the garden looking attractive.

The camaraderie among our group is palpable and the Jesuit Fathers are very supportive of the efforts of the Gardening Group.

How to join

The Gardening Group gathers every first Saturday in the month at around 9:00am and works until midday.

We would be delighted to see more green thumbs join.  For enquiries please contact the Parish Office during business hours.