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Leaving a bequest is one of the most personal ways that you can support the Richmond Catholic Parish of St Ignatius and St James, and for some it is an opportunity to make a gift that you may not otherwise be able to make during your lifetime.

A bequest is an instruction within a Will that reserves part of your estate (such as possessions, shares or bonds, or money) for a particular beneficiary.

To make a bequest, you must first make a Will. A Will ensures that after death, a person’s wishes are protected and efficiently implemented. You can review and update your Will at any time. If you are unsure of how to go about making your Will contact your solicitor or the public trustee in your state.

Leaving a bequest means that you have the use of your funds or property during your lifetime, and leave part or all of your money or property to a church after your death.

You may choose to leave a particular asset or a specified sum of money to your chosen church or you can leave a percentage of your total estate, or a percentage of the residue of your estate, which means that you can ensure family and friends are provided for as well as benefiting the church of your choice.

You may choose to leave your bequest freely - "no strings attached" - so that the church can apply the money to the area of most need.

It is also possible to leave a bequest with a specification that it is used for a particular purpose - for example, to establish a student scholarship or for church maintenance.

In 1857 the Richmond Hill site for a church was purchased by an Irish Jesuit priest, Father Joseph Dalton for £2,500.

In 1867 the foundation stone was laid and blessed. In 1894 St Ignatius' Church (without the spire) was completed. The cost was around £42,000.

In the 1920s the spire was added. Today, nearly 150 years later the insurers value the church at 62 million dollars. The church has national trust classification. It is a landmark for the city of Richmond and beyond.

More than that it is an extraordinary monument of faith, built for the glory of God. Richmond at the end of the 19th century and for the first part of the 20th century was peopled by Aussies of Irish background. They were there because of the many factories. They were working class people with large families. Richmond was given the name Struggletown, yet it was these Catholics who built our church.

We have inherited St Ignatius' Church as a gift from our ancestors in faith. We have also inherited the obligation to maintain the church as a monument of faith.

Unfortunately, after nearly 150 years our church needs a serious makeover. The entire roof of the church was only recently replaced. The spire still needs to be re-covered. These are some of the major works required for church restoration.

A bequest will be a wonderful help in preserving our church.

Suggested Wording

This is one example of a suggested wording for a bequest, but it is only a suggestion. Your solicitor will also be able to assist you in this regard.

"I bequeath to (name of church) of (address of church) for its general purposes [(the whole) or (a specific amount or gift) or (a percentage) or (the residue)] of my estate free of all duties, and I declare that the receipt of its Parish Priest or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executor.”