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The Richmond Catholic Parish is funded almost entirely by the generous donations of parishioners. This comes to us in many forms, sometimes through the weekly contribution envelopes of our Thanksgiving Program, sometimes through payment for baptisms or for use of church facilities.  The donations received by the parish allow us to continue to facilitate the good work that is done within the parish.

These donations go directly towards utilities such as electricity and gas, and to the maintenance of our beautiful churches and property. There is no minimum or maximum amount necessary and no mandatory commitments either.

This money also allows us to pay for our share of the Richmond Churches Food Centre, the cheap rental of our meeting rooms to community groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous,  Narcotics Anonymous, the Friday Night School as well as the administrative costs of running such a large and vibrant parish.

We thank everyone who donates to the parish, your contribution allows the parish to flourish and greatly helps people in need.

If you would like to be involved in the weekly Thanksgiving envelopes please contact the parish office, otherwise any amount can be given as a once off donation to the church.

There are envelopes located at the back of the church for people to pick up and make tax deductible donations. There is also a poor box in the church into which money can be dropped. Any amount is greatly appreciated and directly helps the less fortunate in our community.

Donations of Food Needed

The Richmond Churches Food Centre services about 200 disadvantaged households per week with basic groceries, fruit and vegetables. We have limited supplies of canned food and usually have enough only to last up to two months, with a big stretch. If you can donate one can and leave it in either church you would be contributing greatly to the Food Centre and the people who rely on it for their meals. There is a basket at the back of the church for this purpose.

Please also note that all donations over $2 are tax deductible as the food centre is a registered charity.