Thanksgiving Program Print

The Richmond Catholic Parish has a Thanksgiving Program that enables parishioners to give regular, registered donations to the parish for which they are then receipted at the end of the financial year.

It involves being allocated a number and envelopes which are then returned to the parish office with the giver's donation. No minimum amounts are required and there are no contracts involved. It is a purely voluntary donation which can be made once a week if desired. A percentage of the donation is Tax Deductible and goes towards the School Building Fund.

The Thanksgiving Program allows the parish to do many wonderful things, such as contributing to the Richmond Churches Food Centre financially, meaning our volunteers are able to give food packages to a growing number of struggling people.

Any amount is deeply appreciated and all helps to pay the enormous costs of running and maintaining the parish and its buildings. The parish runs at a loss and everything we do is financed largely by contributions.

The generous parishioners of the Richmond Catholic Parish make this beautiful community all that it is and enable us to hold events and bring everyone together, such as Lunches for the Elderly and Christmas BBQs. Their contribution also enables us to bear the overhead costs of the St Ignatius Centre, a large hall located at the back of the church.

The parish allows many not for profit organisations to use the hall, such as Narcotics Anonymous, Weight Watchers, Food Addicts Anonymous etc. The parish pays for all the overhead bills associated such as gas, water, electricity and maintenance.

The Thanksgiving Program also supports the Priests and Pastoral workers who regularly visit the sick in hospital, conduct all the sacraments a Catholic will go through and generally care for the most vulnerable in the City of Yarra area.

St Ignatius' Church, as beautiful as it is, requires huge maintenance costs. Insurance costs alone on the church are over $80,000 a year. When maintenance, repairs and utilities are added onto this it becomes clear how valuable parishioners contributions are.

We could not maintain our beautiful churches or serve the community as well as we do, without our generous parishioners and the Thanksgiving Program. To become involved please contact us.