Bearing fruit in our lives Print

Sunday 24 March 2019: Third Sunday of Lent

Fig treeUnless you repent you will all perish as they did

As we settle into our Lenten journey, the first two reading of today’s liturgy remind us of our destination. And the gospel reading brings us the advice of Jesus to be alert, ready to enjoy the blessings that can be ours at the end of the journey.

...Another Lent! How many Lenten journeys have we made – and with what profit to show? How many Lents will we see in the future? Luke - sensitive to the fullness of the Good News brought by the Saviour – links Jesus’ call to conversion with the parable of the barren fig tree. As we ponder Lent’s call to a more generous Christian commitment, we do so in the presence of the compassionate and patient God revealed to us in Jesus Christ: ‘Leave it; it may bear fruit’...

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