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The Pastoral Care Program is integral to the life of the parish. The elderly, frail and sick parishioners are visited regularly and Communion is taken to them in their homes, hostels, nursing homes and hospitals.

As there are few nursing homes in Richmond many of our elderly people are forced to move out of Richmond to other suburbs. We endeavour to keep in touch with them to ensure they know they are still valuable members of our parish community. The weekly parish bulletin is a source of great interest to our elderly people who can no longer attend Mass.

We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the Pastoral Care Team at the Epworth Hospital. The hospital is frequently visited by members of our parish team and the Parish Priest is often called upon day and night to anoint patients.

On Sundays a dedicated group of extraordinary ministers of The Eucharist take the Sacrament to patients. We also visit Sir Eric Pearce House, the Melbourne Clinic, and Riverside House when requested.

Pastoral Care for the Vietnamese Community

The Richmond Catholic Parish also caters to the large Vietnamese community currently residing in Richmond and its surrounds. For further information about Vietnamese pastoral services, please contact us.