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About 100 years ago many people in Richmond were living in poverty, and it was with the help of the St Vincent de Paul Society that the parish tried to assist those struggling to survive.  Since then, Richmond has had its own St Vincent de Paul 'Conferences', as the regional groups are called.  Until the 1960s there was a women's and a men's Conference but now there is just one.

The Society is still helping those in need with vouchers for food, furniture and clothing; assisting however they can or just lending a sympathetic ear - offering 'a hand up not a hand out'.  The parish gives the Conference a place to meet and helps with the Christmas giving tree appeal.  It donates an annual weekend Mass collection and keeps closely in touch with the Conference members, who are mostly parishioners.

Enquiries: Greg Strange on 0490 398 273 or Neil Bubb on 0428 390 005