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The Saviour will take away our sins PDF Print E-mail

Baptism of the Lord

Sunday 19 January 2020: Second Sunday in Ordinary time

This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

...John’s gospel does not mention the actual baptism of Jesus, though its reference to it is unmistakeable. ‘Behold the lamb of God’ – this title of the Saviour is so familiar to us that it comes as a surprise to learn that it is only found in the New Testament writings associated with the community for which John’s gospel was written. It is a title rich in implications. It calls to mind the Servant Song of Isaiah 53, in which God’s Servant – the one who will bring healing to God’s people by bearing their burdens – is compared to ‘a lamb led to the slaughter house’. In telling the story of the Passion, John’s gospel associates the death of Jesus with the slaughtering of the paschal lambs – a theme already anticipated by Paul: ‘Christ our paschal lamb has been sacrificed’ (1 Cor 5:7). It is through the Paschal Mystery that will end his life’s journey that the Saviour will ‘take away our sins’, and lead creation into the eternal embrace of God...

Extract by John Thornhill sm - read more at The Emmaus Series

The Lord is baptised PDF Print E-mail

Sunday 12 January 2020: The Baptism of the Lord

Here is my servant, my chosen one in whom I am well pleased

Jesus is bapatisedThus says the Lord:
Here is my servant whom I uphold,
my chosen one in whom my soul delights.
I have endowed him with my spirit
that he may bring true justice to the nations.
He does not cry out or shout aloud,
or make his voice heard in the streets.
He does not break the crushed reed,
nor quench the wavering flame.
Faithfully he brings true justice;
he will neither waver, nor be crushed
until true justice is established on earth,
for the islands are awaiting his law.

Extract from Is 42:1-4. 6-7

The radiance of God's light PDF Print E-mail

The three wise menSunday 05 January 2020: The Epiphany of the Lord

The glory of the Lord shines upon you

Arise, shine out, Jerusalem, for your light has come,
the glory of the Lord is rising on you,
though night still covers the earth
and darkness the peoples.

Above you the Lord now rises
and above you his glory appears.
The nations come to your light
and kings to your dawning brightness.

Lift up your eyes and look round:
all are assembling and coming towards you,
your sons from far away
and your daughters being tenderly carried.

Extract from Is 60:1-6

Honouring your parents PDF Print E-mail

The Holy FamilySunday 29 December 2019: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Concerning the Christian life in the world

The Lord honours the father in his children,
and upholds the rights of a mother over her sons.

Whoever respects his father is atoning for his sins,
he who honours his mother is like someone amassing a fortune.

Whoever respects his father will be happy with children of his own,
he shall be heard on the day when he prays.

Extract from Sir 3:2-6. 12-14

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