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Sunday 02 December 2018: First Sunday of Advent

Your redemption is near at hand

PrayingThe Church begins its new liturgical year with a season of hope. Advent time – when we look forward to the celebration of the birth of the world’s Saviour – has produced liturgies filled with joy and expectation. Advent’s liturgies also look forward to Christ’s ‘Second Coming’, to gather all things into the final Kingdom of God. The liturgy nourishes our faith in the Lord, risen and triumphant. His birth, which we look forward to celebrating, will not take place again. We remember it as the dawning of the final moment of God’s eternal plan, a dawning full of promise for the whole of creation. This fundamental theme of Christian faith and hope - encouraging us to look forward to a ‘new heaven and new earth’ - has been obscured in recent centuries. For sincere believers, expectation of ‘the end of the world’ should convey far more than the uneasiness and dread it so often arouses...

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