Poor community, poor Eucharist Print

22 June 2014: The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

The Body and Blood of ChristMy flesh is real food and my blood is real drink

…it is difficult to have a sense of sharing in the one loaf as the sacrament of one Body, if, in fact, we are not one body. And we are not one body if, outside the church building, we are not united and caring for each other.

If we are not already a community before we enter the place where the Eucharist is being celebrated, we are not suddenly going to become a community after we come in. A parish where Mass-going is basically the only activity of its members is going to be a dead parish and its Eucharist will also be dead.

As was said above, the Eucharist is the measure of the life of the parish. And a parish gets the Eucharist it deserves. Poor community, poor Eucharist. A vibrant Christian community cannot have a bad Eucharist.

Maybe some of those who have stopped going to Mass are in fact acting more honestly because the Mass is no longer is a source of nourishment for them.

Excerpt from Homily by Irish Jesuits, Sacred Space

Image source: Two Hearts Design