Who do you say I am? Print

Sunday 16 September 2018: Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

You are the Christ ... the Son of Man was destined to suffer much

Cross...The ‘who’ question is central to our human existence: ‘Who are you, my companion on the journey of life?’ ‘Who am I?’ These questions, if we face their implications, confront us with the depths and mystery of our common humanity. Jesus called himself, ‘the Son of Man’, a title that affirmed his sharing in our human condition. When the ‘who’ question is addressed to him we find not only the mysterious depths of our common humanity, but also the mystery of the generous designs of God, conceived with the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the depths of the divine eternity. Discipleship is learning, in the course of our lives, the answer to the ‘who’ question we address to the Saviour - who has made himself our ever-present companion. Like Peter, we shall find that we are forced to re-evaluate our most basic assumptions in the light of the ways of God we learn from Jesus...

Extract by John Thornhill sm - read more at The Emmaus Series | Image courtesy of pexels.com