The gift of prophecy Print

Sunday 03 February 2019: Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

No prophet is accepted in his own native place

SynagogueThe theme of today’s liturgy is the role of the prophet. Prophets have always had an important place in the life of the Church. This comes as a surprise to most people – probably because they think of prophets as those who predict future events: something that rarely happened. Prophets are people who – because they are in tune with God – help us to see things as God sees them. They point out the way God is calling us to follow, and remind us of the future God has in store for those who trust in him. At Vatican II, it was recognized that the important contribution such people can make has been neglected in the life of the Church in recent centuries. Every healthy Christian community has its prophets; we should be grateful for them and open to what they have to contribute to our life together. As Vatican II has told us, we are all called - through our baptism - to share in Christ’s role as the Father’s great Prophet...

Extract by John Thornhill sm - read more at The Emmaus Series | Image courtesy of HermanoLeon Clipart