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Sunday 24 February 2019: Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Merciful fatherBe merciful as your Father is merciful

...Last week we heard Luke's presentation of 'The Beatitudes'. Today we continue the same passage – as Jesus spells out practical implications of a teaching that has immense importance for those who want to be his followers. We have heard many times of the 'New Commandment' and the 'Law of Love'; but have we made them our rule of life? Today's gospel can help us to do this. 'Love your enemies', Jesus tells us. David's gesture towards king Saul demonstrates a certain nobility; but it is still far removed from the ideal of selflessness Jesus sets before us. 'Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you … lend without any hope of return' may well seem an impossible ideal as a way of life. The first disciples of Jesus may well have made this judgment, had it not been for the memory of the life Jesus had lived in their midst...

Extract by John Thornhill sm - read more at The Emmaus Series | Image courtesy of pixabay.com