Trinity Primary School, a dynamic primary school in North Richmond, reflects the ideals of Christ’s teaching and is embedded in Ignatian Spirituality.  It is a source of pride to our parish that the school caters for students from many nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Trinity has a firm commitment to the local community and strong partnerships with a number of leading Catholic secondary schools.

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Choosing the perfect school for your child means finding a school that feels right for you and your family, a school that is able to provide an outstanding education in an environment that feels like home. From the moment you enter our school you will be touched by the great sense of community and warmth that makes Trinity Primary School the very special place it is. Our school video has been created to give you an insight into why Trinity may well be the perfect choice for you and your child. Facebook compresses videos so set your settings to HD to watch.

Posted by Trinity Primary School on Monday, 3 May 2021

Image Credit: Trinity Primary School, North Richmond