I would like to wish all fathers a blessed Father’s Day. Even though disappointed that we are still in lockdown and many of us are unable to see our fathers and/or children, we can still be consoled with the many happy memories of the special and sacred gift of having fathers and being fathers.

Stay safe and God bless.

Fr Trung Nguyen SJ, Parish Priest

A Prayer for Fathers

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God
Look with love and kindness upon all fathers.
May their example be like a beacon that guides to safe water
as their children grow and are nourished in their care.
May their love and gentleness be a blessing upon each member of their family
as they share special moments together.
May their openness to your love and understanding continue to nurture their faith
and provide a rich example to all.
We make this prayer to You, Jesus,
who is Lord forever and ever.

We invite you to donate to the Priests Retirement Foundation Father’s Day Appeal. Established in 1990, the foundation contributes to the ongoing care of retired priests across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Sincere thanks for your support.