Australian Jesuits work in parishes and migrant chaplaincies; as academics and chaplains at universities; as spiritual directors; in schools; in direct service to and advocacy for the poor and vulnerable; in overseas mission, especially with refugees; and wherever else a need is great, especially at the peripheries of society. Priests and brothers live and work side by side. Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience provide prophetic witness to the joy of leaving all to follow Christ, and foster an orientation towards service of those in need. Community life is a fundamental part of our calling to follow Jesus as Jesuits, and a source of support in the challenges of vowed life.

Do you have a strong love for Jesus, for the Church and for the people around you? Do you desire to deepen that love, to learn more about your faith, and to put it into practice through service? You might be called to be a Jesuit.