Our Parish Priest, Fr Trung SJ, has reconvened the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) in 2021. The members of the PPC are: Fr Trung SJ, Therese Keogh (Chair), Sr Helen Buckley fcJ (Secretary), Sr Floriana Lapolla FDZ, Licia Marchese, Katarina Radonic, Julian Butler, Vu Nguyen, Nigel Rodrigues and Maurice Sheehan.

The PPC is meeting on a monthly basis and, after an initial meeting of prayer, reflection and sharing, Council Members have worked through identified strengths and challenges of the parish and are now planning to address four key areas:

  • Faith Formation
  • Communication
  • Outreach
  • Fundraising

Should you have any matters you wish to bring to the PPC’s attention, please speak to a Council Member or contact the Parish Office and a member of the PPC will contact you.

Therese Keogh