Today, 25 July, is the Feast Day of St James the Greater, patron saint of St James' Church. St James the Greater, traditionally considered to be the first apostle to be martyred, is the patron of of pilgrims and Spain.

The Pilgrimage of Compostela (Camino de Santiago), also known as the Way of St James, leads to the shrine where his remains are buried in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

We have walked out of the lives we had
And will return to nothing, if we live,
Changed by the journey, face and soul alike.

We have walked out of our lives
To come to where the walls of heaven
Are thin as a curtain, transparent as glass,

Where the Apostle spoke the holy words,
Where in death he returned, where God is close,
Where saints and martyrs mark the road.

Holy St James, great St James,
God help us now and evermore.

-- Robert Dickinson, Path of Miracles (Joby Talbot)

Source: Texts for Footsteps and Path of Miracles

While we are unable to physically gather together to celebrate the Feast Day, we pray that all parishioners of St James' Church and our wider Richmond Catholic Parish will mark this special day. St James the Greater, pray for us!