08 August is the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Since the snap lockdown in Victoria, all places of worship have been closed so parishioners and visitors were invited to celebrate with us at our online Masses.

Sunday 08 August 2021, 9:30am, Mass in English
(Mass is celebrated from 4:03 in video timeline)

Sunday 08 August 2021, 4:00pm, Mass in Vietnamese
(Mass is celebrated from 2:43 in video timeline)

Born in Fitzroy in 1842, St Mary of the Cross spent her early years in Richmond:

  • 1849: as a 7-year-old living with family friends, Mr and Mrs L'Estrange, near Bromham Place and Highett Street
  • 1856: becoming a governess to the daughters of the L'Estrange family
  • 1860: living with her family in a rented cottage near the corner of Brighton and Shamrock Streets from where she would walk to her work as a clerk at Sands and Kenny in the city

St Mary of the Cross, who co-founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart with Fr Julian Tenison Woods, died in North Sydney in 1909.

The Josephite Sisters contributed greatly to the work of education in our parish, starting in North Richmond in 1915, and then in Burnley and South Richmond (now known as Cremorne). They had a convent in Richmond from 1956 to 1990.

Today the gaze of Mary MacKillop falls upon the parishioners and visitors of one of our parish churches, St Ignatius' Church, from a stained glass window and a painting (seen upon the sanctuary in today's livestreamed Masses), both of which were installed in the Mary MacKillop Chapel within the church.

Saint Mary MacKillop, pray for us!

Image Credit: Photo taken by a Richmond Catholic Parishioner, Oct 2020 of the detail from a mural painted in Richmond by Hayden Dewar