The custom of walking the Stations of the Cross in a church is a revered devotion which has its origins in the early Christian pilgrimages to the holy places of Jerusalem. During Lent, you are warmly invited to join the Richmond Catholic Parish’s Stations of the Cross in English.

When: Thursday 04 March 2021, 7:30pm; Thursday 11 March 2021, 7:30pm
Where: St Ignatius' Church

"The paintings of the Way of the Cross, copies of works by Joseph von Fürich of Vienna, have hung on the walls of St Ignatius’ for 144 years. There has been no modernising or updating of the way they depict the story of Christ’s passion and death: loudly, clearly and in their original form, they still tell this story. As they invite us to walk the Way with Jesus, we are also invited to walk with all who struggle on their own way of the cross." -- A People’s Faith Enshrined in Stone - St Ignatius’ Church Richmond, page 64