A Catholic funeral is the ritual whereby the person who has died is entrusted to the love and care of God.  The funeral is a liturgical celebration and proclamation of eternal life, and it seeks to offer spiritual support to family and friends.  The Church prays on behalf of the deceased in the confidence that death is not the end. The funeral liturgy provides the greatest hope in future resurrection and being reunited with our loved ones after they have passed away.

To organise a funeral at St Ignatius' Church or St James' Church, please contact a funeral director who will make the arrangements with the Parish Office.  If you are seeking a sacred space in which cremated remains can be placed, our parish has Columbarium niches at two locations within St Ignatius' Church.


It is customary to make a contribution for the upkeep of the church. This offering is $350 for a funeral held at St Ignatius' Church and $150 for a funeral held at St James' Church. An additional celebrant fee is payable if you use one of our parish's priests.