"The Church is a network woven together by Eucharistic communion, where unity is based not on 'likes', but on the truth, on the 'Amen', by which each one clings to the Body of Christ, and welcomes others. ...If a family uses the Net to be more connected, to then meet at table and look into each other’s eyes, then it is a resource. If a Church community coordinates its activity through the network, and then celebrates the Eucharist together, then it is a resource" -- Pope Francis (Vatican News)

Social Media

Richmond Catholic Parish's social media channel comprises our Facebook page that offers a space for engagement and connection with others online.  This includes, but is not limited to, sharing:

  • information on parish life, church events and activities;
  • resources for faith formation, prayer and worship as a community of believers within the Catholic Church;
  • messages that provide pause for reflection, give hope and encouragement, invite respectful discussion, and foster a closer encounter with Our Lord Jesus; and
  • ways in which we may come together to proclaim the Good News, and to love and serve God and our neighbour.

Posts and comments made by people engaging with our social media channel should reflect the consideration and respect that marks Christian interactions.

We reserve the right to remove any posts/comments that are:

  • promoting bullying, harassment, profanity, pornography or obscenity;
  • using the name(s) or any other identifiable information, and/or image of one or more persons, particularly those connected to the parish, without express permission of the person(s) named/photographed or their guardian;
  • defamatory or overly critical of religious beliefs, individuals, services or organisations;
  • misleading, inaccurate, offensive or harmful for any other reason;
  • unlawful or inciting others to break the law;
  • in contravention of Catholic Church teachings; or
  • spam / unsolicited posts promoting services, products, organisations, or political agendas.

Where necessary, we also reserve the right to block a user and to report misuse of the social media channel to the social media platform.


  • Our social media channel is not normally administered outside of business hours.
  • Comments left by others on our social media channel do not necessarily reflect the views of the Richmond Catholic Parish.
  • The Richmond Catholic Parish takes no responsibility for any interactions social media users may have on or off our social media channel.
  • The Richmond Catholic Parish is not responsible for any posts or engagement on any unofficial or unauthorised social media channels relating to our parish, including but not limited to St Ignatius' Church or St James' Church.

If you have a particular enquiry relevant to the Richmond Catholic Parish, rather than posting it on our social media channel, please contact the Parish Office directly.


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